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Brandon, FL

Top Reasons to Work at AdventHealth

Rollover PDO with service year increases in accrual.

Comprehensive benefits package; including tuition reimbursement and matching 403b plan.

Patient facing positions receiving company paid initial sets of scrubs.

Company Discount programs

Growing Organization

Work Hours/Shift:

Full Time


· Complies with Employee Code of Conduct

· Demonstrates compliance with all federal, state and local laws; rules and government regulations

· Verbalizes understanding of reporting process of any actual or perceived violation

· Recognizes incidents as defined and described in the Hospital’s Institutional Policies and Procedures

· Understands the method and reasoning for reporting incidents

· Demonstrates ability to complete the Hospital’s Incident Report Form

· Assists the Department Manager or others in recognizing and reducing risk within the Department or other areas of the Hospital

· Demonstrates FHT PRIDE (Personal Responsibility in Daily Endeavors) by providing courteous service, assisting lost guests, and problem solving to meet special needs or requests

· Creates positive image by demonstrating a professional manner in all encounters

· Takes initiative to identify problems and assist with problem resolution while maintaining confidentiality at all times

· Acknowledges employees, physicians and visitors promptly

· Develops positive working relationships with other functional team/members within the Hospital

· Performs duties in a timely manner and provides updates if delays occur

· Communicates with courtesy when interacting with internal or external customers, in person or on the telephone

· Demonstrates respect for co-workers and develops positive working relationships with other departments

· Participates in Quality Improvement activities to improve processes and patient care

· Implements actions, as appropriate, recommended by Quality Improvement teams and the hospital wide Quality Coordinating Council

· Participates in Performance Improvement activities to improve processes and patient care

· Implements actions, as appropriate, recommended by Performance Improvement activities and hospital-wide Performance Improvement Coordinating Council (PICC)

· Follows hospital and departmental Safety policies and procedures

· Wears name tag identification and is aware of role in minimizing Security incidents

· Demonstrates knowledge of role in Hazardous Materials and Waste Program , including procedures to follow in case of spill

· Demonstrates knowledge of role in Emergency Preparedness Program . Participates in Disaster Drills, as appropriate

· Demonstrates knowledge of role in the Life Safety Program and participates in Fire Drills as appropriate

· Demonstrates knowledge of role in the Medical Equipment Program and how to report malfunctioning equipment

· Demonstrates knowledge of role in the Utility Systems Program and the department’s response to utility failure

· Follows hospital and departmental Infection Control policies and procedures

· Demonstrates effective communication skills with all team members, patients and families

· Maintains satisfactory participation and attendance at required and non-required meetings and staff development programs

· Demonstrates evidence of continuous professional development

o Identifies own learning needs and seeks opportunities for self growth and career advancement

o Attends annual mandatory inservice, required meetings and continuing education

· Promotes the hospital image and maintains a helpful attitude towards employees, physicians patients, visitors and the community to enhance the hospital’s reputation as a health care center

· Demonstrates evidence of adherence to the hospital confidentiality policy

· Provides occupational health to all employees, regardless of age, race or sex. Patient population includes workers of all ages, from adolescence through the geriatric population

· Examines and rechecks patients for medical problems prior to return to work after illness or injury. Plans referrals to physician specialists when indicated

· Incorporates patients work with company’s light duty policy in determining physical fitness for job duty

· Examines and rechecks patients for medical problems prior to return to work after illness or injury. Returns patients to their job as soon as medically advisable

· Assists Medical Director with development and ongoing revision of medical policies and procedures

· Assures that continued medical care remains within the UCH provider clinic unless a change is authorized by the MCC-PCP

· Works with the MCC-PCP to assure that all referrals for specialty care by MCC-PCP are made within the participating network providers unless specific care is not available in that network

· Assists Medical Director in review of data for Quality Improvement

· Produces appropriate medical records

· Assists Medical Director in the implementation and management of the Quality Assurance Program

· The PA’s role, scope of practice and legal requirements

· Provider’s specialty area as it applies to Occupational Medicine.

· Scope of prescriptive and dispensing authority

· Medical terminology.

· Laboratory practices and procedures.

· Principles and medical practices in an Occupational Practice.

· Anatomy and Physiology

· Occupational and safety hazards

· Communicable diseases and their control and treatment.

· Physical assessment and analysis

· Problem solving and documentation

· Initiating the appropriate emergency response

· Performing or ordering and interpreting routine diagnostic laboratory tests.

· Working with diverse individuals and cultures.

· Handling a number of tasks simultaneously.

· Translating health information to patients.

· Assisting or consulting with physicians



· As required for licensure

· Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant studies.

· Combination education and experience that will provide the knowledge, skill and ability to demonstrate the following:

· Recognize the signs and symptoms of disease, while understanding their relationship to each other.

· Obtain, organize and construct a patient data base which accurately describes the information available for a given patient at a given point in time.

· Develop a problem list from the patient data base.

· Apply problem-solving techniques on clinical situations.

· Manage common health problems with physician supervision.

· Communicate empathetically with patient and knowledgeably with the physician.

· Competently perform technical procedures.

· Obtain brief, as well as comprehensive, patient histories, with an emphasis on occupation and exposure.

· Perform complete or focused physical examination as indicated.

· Select appropriate diagnostic studies in the evaluation of patients.

· Identify the potential relationship between patient symptoms and occupational/environmental exposures.

· Diagnose and manage occupational//environmental illnesses and injuries, with the use of consultants in related disciplines when indicated.

· Identify non-occupational/environmental factors that may contribute to occupational/environmental disease or injury.

· Refer and follow up or manage patients with serious occupational or environmental injuries and illnesses.

· Elicit patients’ concerns about exposures and establish a therapeutic alliance incorporating risk communication.

· Report all findings to affected individuals and pertinent information to organizations and employers as appropriate (considering medical confidentiality issues), advocating for the health and safety of patients and employees.

· Evaluate and treat medical conditions commonly seem in an OEM practice.

· Apply clinical practice guidelines in one’s practice.


Category: Physician Services

Organization: AdventHealth Medical Group West FL

Schedule: Full-time

Shift: 1 - Day

Req ID: 24009503

We are an equal opportunity employer and do not tolerate discrimination based on race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, age or disability/handicap with respect to recruitment, selection, placement, promotion, wages, benefits and other terms and conditions of employment.

Job Snapshot

  • Facility: AdventHealth Medical Group West FL

  • Job Schedule: Full-time

    Pay Range: $50.523 - $75.785

  • Location: Brandon, FL

  • Job ID: 24009503

  • Job Family: Physician Services

  • Shift: 1 - Day

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