CRNA Anesthesia Manager FT Days at AdventHealth

Date Posted: 12/30/2020

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    Durand, WI
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    Physician Services
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    1 - Day

Job Description


CRNA Anesthesia Manager AdventHealth Durand

Location Address: 1220 Third Ave W, Durand, WI 54736

Top Reasons To Work At AdventHealth Durand

•       Mission driven organization

•       Kind and caring staff

•       Family atmosphere

•       Competitive wages and great benefits

Work Hours/Shift
Monday-Friday FT Days
No Call
No Nights
No Weekends
No Holidays

You Will Be Responsible For:
  • Review schedule of cases assigned for each day, and type of anesthesia prescribed for each.  May conduct pre-op interview.  Sets up equipment and supplies in operating room for assigned case.  Checks equipment to insure proper functioning.
  • Checks patient identification on arrival at surgical suite, and assists in positioning patient on operating table according to established procedure for type of operation to be performed.  Studies physical findings or pre-op examination to determine probable effects of anesthetic on patient.  Administers pre-op medications prescribed by physician if not already given.  Prepares prescribed solutions for IV injections.  Ascertains that blood of proper types is available for emergency use.  Takes patient's blood pressure, pulse, and respiration and records them.  Explains procedure to patient to secure cooperation and to bolster confidence.  
  • Fits mask to patient's face and starts gas flow.  Maintains patient in surgical, anesthetic state, adjusting oxygen and gas flow and keeping air tubes in position as necessary, or injects prescribed IV anesthetic.  Periodically takes patient's blood pressure, respiration and pulse; and watches for significant physical changes, such as dilation of pupils and change in skin color.  Keeps surgeon informed of patient's condition.  Takes necessary remedial action, such as aspiration of throat and administration of oxygen, to prevent asphyxiation, strangulation, or surgical shock.  In OB cases, administers analgesic agent to minimize pain and administers anesthetic prior to deliver.
  • On patient's clinical record (graphic chart) records condition of patient prior to, during, and following administration of anesthetic and type of anesthetic used.
  • Assists in moving patient from O.R. to Recover Room or floor.  Gives full report to RR nurse on patient's post-op condition.  IV fluids, drugs administered, etc.  Periodically checks condition of patient and takes remedial measures to alleviate unfavorable post-anesthesia effects.  Notifies physician when unfavorable symptoms develop.  Assist RR nurse with any problems during recovery period.  Completes post-op report when effects of anesthetics have worn off.
  • Dissembles equipment.  Takes supplies and equipment to supply room.  Cleans and sterilizes equipment, instruments, etc., according to established procedures.  Checks functioning of equipment and requisitions repair and maintenance.
  • Maintains required records.  Maintains supplies and equipment.  Writes charges.  Prepares periodic reports relative to activities in section. 

1. Safe and accurate administration of anesthetic to patients undergoing surgical or OB procedures and maintaining patient in state of anesthesia for the prescribed time.
2. Keeping surgeon informed of patient's condition.
3. Taking remedial measures when condition of patient warrants it.
4. Keeping accurate records.
5. Observation of patients during recovery and until normal reflexes are regained.  
6. Care and use of supplies and equipment.

What You Will Need:
  • Thorough knowledge of nursing and anesthesiology principles and procedures.
  • Familiar with the various methods of administering anesthetics, contraindications and symptoms of patients in distress, remedial measures, and safe use of gases.  Near visual acuity, color and form perception, motor coordination.  Quick and efficient reaction when patient shows signs of distress.  Sense of responsibility in adhering to established practices.  Ability to cooperate with others as a member of the surgical team.
  • Graduate of an accredited school of nursing.  Graduate from an accredited school of nurse anesthesiology.
  • Registered in Wisconsin- License as a Nurse Anesthetist.
  • 2+ Years of Experience
  • Wisconsin Registered Nurse License and Anesthesiology C.R.N.A./Advance Practice
  • BCLS obtained through the American Heart Association

Job Summary:
Administers intravenous, spinal and other anesthetics to render person insensible to pain during surgical procedures, deliveries, or other medical and dental procedures.  Maintains required records.  Maintains supplies and equipment. 

This facility is an equal opportunity employer and complies with federal, state and local anti-discrimination laws, regulations and ordinances.

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